Trading shed update

June 2020 : Alec Grant writes :

Dear Members

I hope you and your families are all well and, if so, enjoying the summer weather.

This is becoming a weekly update as, due to the Covid restrictions, together with the vulnerability of our shed teams and members, we are do not consider it safe to return to normal and will need to continue with the collection action slot system for some time.  Sadly, the relaxations announced by the Gov will not assist us.

Following recent deliveries we now have:

Levingtons M3 with a significant price reduction to £8.90 from £11.00 – this is high quality compost which does not go hard when it is dry

Doff Multi Rose 1l fertiliser @ £3.40 which makes 300 litres

Doff Tomato Feed NPK 4,5,9 1l @ £3.00 (also making 300 litres) and a significant saving against 1l Tomorite NPK 4,3,8 of £5.70

We also have Horticultural Sharp Sand at £5.40 20kg or £0.50 for 3kg

You will be pleased to know that we now have a good quantity of compost – strangely the Covid lockdown has brought this product to near extinction.

The Maxicrop seaweed organic liquid is also now back in stock.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, the shed will be open on Saturday and if you wish any products please email and I will check the stock, assign a collection slot and send details for payment.

Attached (link below) is a revised price list with some new items highlighted, one  price reduction and no increases.

Members Price Guide (June26 2020) (1)

Kind Regards & stay safe