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Our Trading Hut is in the Car Park of the Church Crookham Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, GU52 8LD, (opposite the Wyvern pub). The entrance for vehicles is 60m from the junction with Aldershot Road (Church Crookham).

We are open on Saturday mornings between 10.00 and 11.30hrs during the growing season.

In the hut we stock a variety of products including composts, growbags, fertilizers, insecticides, canes, grass seed and lawn treatment, and much more.

During April and May members own plants and seedlings are often available to purchase.
We would appreciate feedback from our members on the trading facilities and stock we offer, and would welcome any suggestions to improve the service we currently provide.

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2024 Opening Times

Until October

Saturday Mornings
10:00am to 11:30am

Shed Price List

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Pesticides for Home Gardeners

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Successful CCFGSOC Fuchsia Talk

Successful CCFGSOC Fuchsia Talk

Alec Grant writes.. The Church Crookham and Fleet Garden Society event on 20th May 2024 was an engaging talk by Carol Gubler, Little Brook Nursery, to which a visit is well worth it. You won’t have to wade your way through kitchen utensils, paintings and garden...

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Garden Society Hints for Some Commonly Used Fertilisers

Nitrogen Indicated as ‘N’

Used for rapid growth in the foliage of plants, eg lettuce, cabbages etc

Phosphate Indicated as ‘P’

For promoting root growth, eg carrots, beetroot and plants in general

Potash Indicated as ‘K’

For ripening of fruit and stems, colour in flowers etc


High in phosphates, slow acting

Blood, Fish & Bone

A good, general fertiliser


Aids the rotting down of garden compost


A very balanced fertiliser for most requirements, both vegetables and flowers

Lawn Sand

Moss and weed killer in lawns. Best time to use – April to June


A seaweed based liquid fertiliser for general use

Sulphate of Ammonia

A high nitrogen fertiliser, very quick acting. Do not put on foliage, or scorching will take place. Can also be used to aid compost making

Sulphate of Potash

A high potash fertiliser, safe and quick acting. Can feed most plants, and is not readily washed out of the soil

Spring and Summer Lawn Food

General fertiliser for lawns. Quick acting in promoting a lush, green grass (nitrogen based). Water in if no rain within 24 hours, or it will scorch the existing grass

Autumn and Winter Lawn Food

As implied, promotes root growth (phosphate based) to support grass through the ravages of winter


A very high phosphate fertiliser, rapid in action for promoting root growth. Remains available to plants for a long time


A good, liquid fertiliser for tomatoes. Fairly high in potash