Church Crookham & Fleet Garden Society

2023 End of Season Sale at the Trading Hut : up to 60% off


Natural Organic Manure £4.40 80 litre bags
Ideal for mulching

Miracle Grow 1.2 kg – was £29.20 now reduced to £25.50
All-purpose soluble plant food.

Chempac 2 – was £24.60 now reduced to £22.00
High Nitrogen feed that boosts growth – the stems and leaf maker.

Chempac 3 – was £4.60 now reduced to £2.00
Identical proportions of nutrients; nitrogen, phosphate and potash, which make it perfect for
all plants, all year round.

Urea 3kg bag -was £3.50 now reduced to £1.50
High in Nitrogen to promote leafy growth and lawns green lasts 10-14 weeks – soluble 0.5kg
in 1 0 litres per 500 square metre.

Natural Rooting Powder was £3.50 now reduced to £1.50
Promotes strong healthy growth for new roots and soft and hard cuttings contains seaweed
which dramatically increases propagation.

SB Plant Invigorator spray – was £3-50 now reduced to £1-50.
Plant pesticide and mildewcide without toxic chemicals and will not harm the birds and bees.

Non-Members can pay £1 to join the Society for the remaining year, making them eligible to buy discounted goods at our trading shed

Memorial Hall, Sandy Lane, Church Crookham, FLEET. GU52 8LD
Saturday 7th, 14th & 21st October 2023 – 10:00h to 11:30h